Who else wants to be on the first page of Google?

Google Page Rank
Before I get started I need to let you know THERE IS NO EASY WAY to get a high rank in Google and keep it. It takes time, so you will have to be patient. If you are not patience just purchase your advertising via Google Adwords.

Our client ParentGallery.com went from a new web site that was not even index by Google to the FIRST PAGE in about THREE WEEKS.

It is currently ranked number 5 for "parent profile" and 3 for "adoption parent profile". Results for different clients will vary and depend on budget and desired words.

Below is a graph for the keywords. The week before February 07, 2007 the site was not even indexed. When it was first index it started below 500 and does not show on this graph.

Google Rank

This is a list of some of things we did to make it happen.

1. Make a web site that can indexed easily by Google and other search engines. ParentGallery uses Drupal as the core and 3 very important modules.

1.1 Pathauto creates search engine friendly pages.

1.2 Sitemap makes and submits a Google site map.

1.3 Google Analytics lets you track what visitors are doing and where they come from. Here is the Google page that has a demo.

2. Sign up for a Google account so you can use the webmaster tools.

3. Create content that the people you are trying to attract want to read.

4. Do not worry about how good things look, the Google spider cannot see your cool logo.

5. Monitor you keyword rank daily. I use SEO Administrator, you can download a free trial on there website. Or one of the many SEO tools reviewed on SeoSoftware.net

6. Constantly make changes to the way you word things but do not to keyword spam, keep it under 5% of any one page.

7. Titles, and the first 15 words are the most important thing you will write. Make sure your keywords are in there.

8. Do not worry about Google page rank or Alexa rank. Both can be manipulated and as you will notice do not affect search results.

9. It is always the most tempting to give up right before success so keep trying, or just hire webAJ.com to do the work for you.

10. Always have a link section and contact other websites to trade links. Only trade with websites that deal with your subject.

That's all for now, if you want some more advise just use the Contact Us page and give your domain name, when I find time I will send you some pointers.