What everybody ought to know about finding the best domain name.

Here are some simple guidelines to follow before purchasing your first domain name. webAJ.com can consult your business on the perfect domain name. Here are some of the rules we try and follow when suggesting domain names for our clients.

1. Do not use hyphens or numbers, unless the number is in your company name already such as 123 Carpet Cleaners.

2. If a 8th grader cannot spell all the words used in your domain name, neither can your potential customers.

3. If it is not the .com you are already starting in second .net or third .org place.

4. Position words so that they cannot be plural, NetworkTexas.com is much better than TexasNetwork.com because people will put TexasNetworks.com on accident.

5. Do not spend over $10 dollars to register it, www.GoDaddy.com is currently $8.99

6. Do not use more than two words.

7. Try not to use letters that do not work well with underlines such as "L" and "I"