How to install Zenoss 1.1.2 on Centos 5.0 - Server and network monitoring.


This is a how to on installing Zenoss 1.2 on a new Centos 5.0 installation. Here is a updated guide for Zenoss 2.0. This guide assumes a new Centos 5 install with the default "server" software selection, no gui, and has SElinux disabled, if it is not disabled run setenforce 0 as root before starting. I installed the server server on my internal network, not the DMZ so SElinux being disabled is not a major concern.

AVTech RA11 Room Alert server room remote environmental monitor review - Temperature - Humidity - Power and Air Flow.

AVTech Room Alert RA11 Rack Mount Review
Support via IM.
Build quality.

Missing send alerts until cleared.
Missing temperature history.
Power outage ignored until time passes.
Airflow sensor sticks open when cold.
Misleading no PC required information on website.
Missing vertical rack mount.
Speaker and phone wire sensor cables.

Newsletters that work. 4 things that all e-mail marketing campaigns should do.

Currently newsletters from legitimate companies seem more and more like SPAM. They send out a million newsletters that have nothing fresh and new and hope that 5% of the people will buy something. Below are some general problems and two specific examples of what is wrong with the current newsletter system.

Who else wants to be on the first page of Google?

Google Page Rank
Before I get started I need to let you know THERE IS NO EASY WAY to get a high rank in Google and keep it. It takes time, so you will have to be patient. If you are not patience just purchase your advertising via Google Adwords.

Our client went from a new web site that was not even index by Google to the FIRST PAGE in about THREE WEEKS.

How to install previews in Drupal.

If you want website previews in your installation it is very easy.

1. Visit and sign up for a free account.

1.1 You will be able to customise the color, add your logo and choose how you want the preview triggered.

1.2 uses the icon only option. This means that the link is normal and previews are if you mouse over the icon at the end.

Electronic Notaries - Network Scanners - Digital Signature Pads in the paperless office.

Digital Electronic Notary
Electronic Notaries are relatively new but will be the future. With a electronic notary system you no longer need to keep a paper original and even see a traditional notary seal on the electronic version. You can read about some uses and purchase a entire solution at Check with your state before changing to a electronic system, it might be approved as a federal signature but not accepted by your local states court system. Also review any ongoing fees like per document charges.

Secret of finding the perfect domain name.

Whois can tell you everything about a domain from its SEO score to how many other domains are hosted on the same server. Also has wikipedia, server data, who owns the domain, and what a web spider sees when it indexes the page.

Domain Name Search

How to get your faxes electronically as a e-mail attachment.

Network Fax Server

This is a short review of some of your many choices for replacing your fax machine. Some things to remember are fax machines are a major expense because employees waste time checking them or standing around when sending a large document and waiting for confirmation.

Some of the below options will require you to purchase additional equipment if you are required to sign and fax documents, this is overlooked by allot of people and they end up only being able to receive faxes electronically but still use there fax machine to send them because they need a signature.

What everybody ought to know about finding the best domain name.

Here are some simple guidelines to follow before purchasing your first domain name. can consult your business on the perfect domain name. Here are some of the rules we try and follow when suggesting domain names for our clients.

1. Do not use hyphens or numbers, unless the number is in your company name already such as 123 Carpet Cleaners.

2. If a 8th grader cannot spell all the words used in your domain name, neither can your potential customers.

3. If it is not the .com you are already starting in second .net or third .org place.

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