Newsletters that work. 4 things that all e-mail marketing campaigns should do.

Currently newsletters from legitimate companies seem more and more like SPAM. They send out a million newsletters that have nothing fresh and new and hope that 5% of the people will buy something. Below are some general problems and two specific examples of what is wrong with the current newsletter system.

  1. It should be just as easy to unsubscribe as subscribing. One unsubscribe button that should NOT take me to a page that asks for anything such as my e-mail address. You should already know my address you just sent me your newsletter. Also I do not remember what account I signed up with because it is forwarded to my Gmail. This page should not require another click, I said I wanted to unsubscribe when I clicked it in the newsletter now just do it. I do not want to be sold anything and a certainly do not want to subscribe. Just to review because this is the biggest mistake made, if I click unsubscribe the only thing that should happen is a big white page with black letters that says "Successfully removed from newsletter" is all I should see.
  2. Never place the "add me to your newsletter" as a part of the check out. It should be a separate action all to itself.
  3. It should not take 10 days for removal. If you can do same day shipping why does your e-mail system take 10 days to simply delete my account. Get they guy who works in shipping to help the newsletter team figure out how to remove a e-mail address from a database in under 10 days.
  4. Confirmation e-mail when you unsubscribe. After I unsubscribe I NEVER WANT YOU TO SEND ME ANOTHER E-MAIL.

Now lets look at some specific examples.

  • Make the newsletter exclusive. Only people that make a purchase every 30 days can get the newsletter. 25 day with no purchase send a great deal and let them know if they do not buy something they will no longer get the newsletter and cannot sign back up for 90 days.
  • Give me the deals the a few days before everyone else or give me newsletter only deals.
  • First e-mail should have a 10 percent off something coupon.
  • If something sells out from the newsletter traffic, update the site so people know the newsletter has value and they missed out on a great deal because the do not get the letter.

This could be a useful newsletter if the just placed what everyone cares about in it. Simply put WHAT NEW MOVES ARE OUT NEXT. Send it to me the day before they are out and allow me to reserve a copy.
The only items on the newsletter should be:

  • Movie title.
  • link and rating.
  • link and rating.
  • MPAA (G, PG, PG-13, R) rating, anyone with kids looks for this.
  • Embedded flash trailer, I do not want to read about the movie and cover art is not enough.
  • Reservation button.
  • How many at my nearest Redbox.

I would also try to get a actor from next weeks new release to write short reviews (under 3 sentences) for all the new moves. Nobody wants to read, they will just watch the trailer if they want to know about the movie but if Will Ferrell wrote the reviews it would be interesting and funny.

That is all for now. You can use the Contact Us page if you would like to help you with your e-mail marketing.