How to get your faxes electronically as a e-mail attachment.

Network Fax Server

This is a short review of some of your many choices for replacing your fax machine. Some things to remember are fax machines are a major expense because employees waste time checking them or standing around when sending a large document and waiting for confirmation.

Some of the below options will require you to purchase additional equipment if you are required to sign and fax documents, this is overlooked by allot of people and they end up only being able to receive faxes electronically but still use there fax machine to send them because they need a signature.

Here is the full review of Electronic Notaries - Network Scanners - Digital Signature Pads in the paperless office.

Even the most basic fax server should be able to convert incoming faxes to pdf e-mail attachments and come with software to send faxes from the desktop and web interface. The more advanced solutions will allow you to send faxes directly from CRM software and integrate with SAP and other enterprise applications. Without a good needs assessment it is very easy to make the wrong choice in fax servers. Please Contact Us if you want to make sure your choice fits your needs now and in the future. or
Very powerful open source solution with excellent support, tons of options and integration into other systems. The iFax company is a commercial provider for the free open source solution Hylafax, they also offer turn key fax server systems based on dell equipment.
Has one of the best web interfaces. 25 years of experience and it shows. Very friendly and informative sales people with allot of technical knowledge.
Cost the most per line but is the easiest to setup. One box with everything already installed, no server or modems to setup.

I rarely suggest using one of the million solutions that charge per month such as they end up owning your fax number or charging for overage. Read the fine print and you will discover you pay 10-15 cents per page over a certain amount of faxes.