How to add alert monitoring to a Zenoss device in three easy steps.

This tutorial we will setup a temperature alert for the environmental monitor we installed here.

First setup your e-mail server settings.
Edit the "SMTP" settings

Second create a new user.
"Add new user"
Do not add alerts to the Admin user, they do not work.

Third create a "Alerting Rule" for your new user.

In this new rule we want all "Production" devices with a event that >= "Info" and Event State "New" to send a e-mail. Rember we allready setup "Thresholds" with the "Severity" of "Critical" during our tempature sensor installation.

"Message" tab is where you can customize the info sent in the e-mail.

"Schedule" tab defaults to 24x7x365, you can create your own custom schedule that alerts different people during different time periods.

You are done, to test make the temp threshold max value less than the current temp and you should get a e-mail alert.

In my next tutorial I will setup a Windows server for SNMP monitoring using ZenWin.