Electronic Notaries - Network Scanners - Digital Signature Pads in the paperless office.

Digital Electronic Notary
Electronic Notaries are relatively new but will be the future. With a electronic notary system you no longer need to keep a paper original and even see a traditional notary seal on the electronic version. You can read about some uses and purchase a entire solution at www.WWNotary.com Check with your state before changing to a electronic system, it might be approved as a federal signature but not accepted by your local states court system. Also review any ongoing fees like per document charges.

Scanners can be attached to a network and shared by the entire office. Network scanners also integrate into DMS Document Management Systems so you get a head start on that paperless office you always wanted. Most office copy machines today can scan, copy and print, just ask your dealer how much the upgrade cost for network integration. Some newer copiers that have built in scanners also work the the USPS Electronic Postmark System so a third party can verify if a document is authentic.

Electronic Signature Pads are good because the signature disappears if the document is modified, also the USA government accepts electronic signatures the same as a traditional. The down side is they are hard to share with a entire office, hooking and unhooking the signature pad to move it to other peoples computers can cause problems. If the cost is a problem you can always install it on one computer and have users e-mail documents to that person for signature. You can get prices and more information from www.TopazSystems.com